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  1. 11-Sep-2021 - Cybergenetics 9/11 mass disaster TrueAllele technology revolutionized forensic DNA databasing

  2. 25-Jun-2021 - Forensic® News DNA Matters column on exonerating the innocent

  3. 28-May-2021 - Forensic® News DNA Matters column on how to use the likelihood ratio

  4. 30-Apr-2021 - Forensic® News launches new DNA Matters column by Cybergenetics founder

  5. 13-Mar-2021 - NBC Dateline features the first-ever probabilistic genotyping case – TrueAllele challenge in Pennsylvania v. Foley

  6. 16-Feb-2021 - Hudson County files motion for reconsideration in New Jersey TrueAllele source code ruling

  7. 22-Jan-2021 - TrueAllele validation paper chosen as a 2020 Noteworthy Article by the Journal of Forensic Sciences

  8. 14-Jan-2021 - Solve crime and free the innocent with Cybergenetics is the topic of a new DNA Weekly interview

  9. 2020

  10. 29-Jul-2020 - Pittsburgh Technology Council interviews Cybergenetics about better DNA justice through TrueAllele science

  11. 27-Jul-2020 - Forensic Magazine scrutinizes proposed bill that would reduce innovation in Forensic Science

  12. 23-Jun-2020 - The government wants to take away your right to use independent forensic software

  13. 15-May-2020 - Johnny Lee Gates freed after 43 years in prison after TrueAllele reanalyzes DNA evidence

  14. 6-Apr-2020 - Pennsylvania Superior Court grants Scott Hopkins new trial in 1979 slaying of Janet Walsh

  15. 2-Apr-2020 - TrueAllele finds match for DNA mixture in 12-year-old murder of college student

  16. 27-Mar-2020 - Cybergenetics providing criminal justice services for DNA evidence during COVID-19 pandemic

  17. 13-Mar-2020 - Georgia Supreme Court affirms Johnny Lee Gates right to a new trial based on TrueAllele evidence

  18. 16-Jan-2020 - TrueAllele handgun testing and the Jimmy Meders execution

  19. 2019

  20. 26-Nov-2019 - Historic TrueAllele CODIS search frees Lydell Grant from Texas prison

  21. 18-Nov-2019 - Dateline extra – Hear more from DNA expert Dr. Mark Perlin

  22. 15-Nov-2019 - NBC Dateline presents the first TrueAllele case

  23. 23-Oct-2019 - TrueAllele wins more Georgia admissibility challenges

  24. 3-Oct-2019 - TrueAllele® validated for complex DNA mixtures containing ten contributors

  25. 15-Aug-2019 - New York appellate court establishes statewide TrueAllele precedent in Wakefield

  26. 19-Jul-2019 - New HBO documentary on 2011 strangling death of twelve-year-old Potsdam boy

  27. 2-Jul-2019 - TrueAllele cigar box DNA helps free Ralph Birch after thirty years in Connecticut prison

  28. 24-May-2019 - Cybergenetics files infringement suit to enforce DNA mixture analysis patents

  29. 22-May-2019 - Pablo Ibar escapes death penalty in Casey’s Nickelodeon triple murder

  30. 30-Apr-2019 - WPXI television reports Cybergenetics science solves DNA crime

  31. 9-Apr-2019 - Kern County families march to honor homicide victims and remember unsolved crimes

  32. 1-Apr-2019 - Cybergenetics discusses the "inconclusive" DNA evidence in Madeleine McCann missing child case on Australian television news

  33. 20-Mar-2019 - Cybergenetics DNA evidence helps convict California killer of teenager Norma Lopez

  34. 21-Feb-2019 - DNA transfer for lawyers - Continuing Legal Education

  35. 15-Feb-2019 - Georgia TrueAllele admissibility leads to killer conviction

  36. 19-Jan-2019 - Pablo Ibar convicted in Casey's Nickelodeon triple murder after TrueAllele unmixes DNA evidence

  37. 10-Jan-2019 - TrueAllele helps Johnny Lee Gates get a new trial after forty years in prison

  38. 2018

  39. 2-Nov-2018 - Pittsburgh thanks you for all your support

  40. 8-Oct-2018 - New foundational paper on forensic error and validation

  41. 21-Sep-2018 - Forensic Magazine feature: How human bias alters DNA software results

  42. 20-Aug-2018 - Dr. Mark Perlin writes in The Champion magazine about DNA mixture failure

  43. 31-Jul-2018 - DNA transfer in Fauquier county: The CVS murder

  44. 30-Jul-2018 - Cybergenetics scientist to teach forensic DNA course

  45. 24-Jul-2018 - Smart Business magazine on Cybergenetics courtroom communication

  46. 15-Jun-2018 - 27 zeros in 24 hours

  47. 21-May-2018 - Cybergenetics DNA transfer testimony helps convict Pittsburgh shooter

  48. 4-May-2018 - Crime lab scientist talks about TrueAllele automation for DNA evidence

  49. 26-Apr-2018 - TrueAllele clears West Virginia man of rape

  50. 18-Apr-2018 - Two men exonerated by TrueAllele sue Indiana police

  51. 30-Mar-2018 - Forensic Magazine feature article: TrueAllele exonerates innocent men

  52. 29-Mar-2018 - College town rapists convicted by handgun DNA mixtures

  53. 5-Mar-2018 - TrueAllele helps convict cold-case killer in Nebraska

  54. 20-Feb-2018 - TrueAllele validates confession in drug-related murder

  55. 10-Jan-2018 - TrueAllele analysis of wrist DNA spurs plea deal

  56. 2017

  57. 7-Dec-2017 - Cybergenetics wins Business Times innovation award for forensic science

  58. 4-Dec-2017 - SDDA Cynthia Zimmer explains DNA evidence in serial rape case

  59. 14-Nov-2017 - Diverse legal program packs the courtroom for modern DNA evidence

  60. 9-Nov-2017 - Cybergenetics chief scientist receives Smart 50 Impact Award

  61. 2-Nov-2017 - Cybergenetics testifies about gun DNA in Xbox shooting

  62. 27-Oct-2017 - Justice Through Science DNA conference

  63. 17-Oct-2017 - Partly burned, bloody baseball bat still yields DNA for TrueAllele

  64. 12-Oct-2017 - Cybergenetics wins 2017 Tech 50 award as innovative technology solution provider

  65. 9-Oct-2017 - DNA exoneree Roosevelt Glenn to speak in Pittsburgh in November

  66. 5-Oct-2017 - NIST launches wasteful study that undermines science and justice

  67. 5-Oct-2017 - Gang enforcer meets justice with TrueAllele computer results

  68. 2-Oct-2017 - Restaurant robber with semi-automatic weapon nabbed by TrueAllele DNA results

  69. 23-Sep-2017 - Dr. Perlin accepts Foundation for Improvement of Justice Chapman Award

  70. 19-Sep-2017 - ACLU zealots march against truth-seeking DNA technology

  71. 18-Sep-2017 - TrueAllele analysis helps to mitigate sentencing of West Virginia shooter

  72. 15-Sep-2017 - General random match probability for DNA mixtures

  73. 12-Sep-2017 - TrueAllele interprets 7-person DNA mixture in gang killing

  74. 28-Aug-2017 - TrueAllele gets DNA results from inconclusive Pennsylvania DNA evidence

  75. 24-Aug-2017 - Pittsburgh Innovation podcast interviews Cybergenetics

  76. 18-Aug-2017 - Cybergenetics President David accepts STRONG Award

  77. 14-Aug-2017 - Indiana killer linked by holster DNA after staged suicide

  78. 7-Aug-2017 - Cybergenetics selected as a Pittsburgh Tech 50 Awards Finalist

  79. 30-Jul-2017 - New book on cold case investigations, DNA assistance

  80. 25-Jul-2017 - Cybergenetics scientist Perlin receives Chapman Award for improving justice

  81. 18-Jul-2017 - US government awards patent to Dr. Mark Perlin

  82. 11-Jul-2017 - Pittsburgh's public radio news station posts DNA interview

  83. 7-Jul-2017 - Response to the New York Times: Computers are helping justice

  84. 7-Jul-2017 - Cybergenetics Jennifer Hornyak testifies in retrial of New York gang leader

  85. 4-Jul-2017 - Public Radio's Criminal Injustice podcast interviews Cybergenetics

  86. 3-Jul-2017 - Investigation Discovery channel airs "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"

  87. 21-Jun-2017 - Cybergenetics William Allan testifies in Louisiana homicide case

  88. 19-Jun-2017 - Australia newspaper features Xie "Stain 91" solved by TrueAllele

  89. 16-Jun-2017 - Cybergenetics responds to the New York Times – Computers are helping justice

  90. 13-Jun-2017 - Louisiana felon linked to gun, pleads guilty

  91. 12-Jun-2017 - Cybergenetics responds to inaccurate Allegheny County crime lab statements

  92. 8-Jun-2017 - Measuring DNA information provides needed crime lab incentives

  93. 31-May-2017 - Cybergenetics and crime labs overcome challenges to TrueAllele

  94. 26-May-2017 - Cybergenetics scientists present three talks at MAAFS conference

  95. 26-May-2017 - TrueAllele accepted as reliable evidence after Louisiana challenge

  96. 25-May-2017 - Cybergenetics analyzes drug packet DNA in Pennsylvania guilty plea

  97. 25-May-2017 - TrueAllele connects New Hampshire killer to handgun DNA

  98. 15-May-2017 - TrueAllele results support ex-boyfriend conviction in stabbing death

  99. 11-May-2017 - Marine Corps prosecutors secure pretrial agreement with TrueAllele results

  100. 10-May-2017 - Cybergenetics testifies for acquitted defendant in Pittsburgh double homicide

  101. 10-May-2017 - Ohio woman pleads guilty in shooting death after TrueAllele analysis

  102. 10-May-2017 - Cybergenetics testifies for acquitted defendant in Pittsburgh double homicide

  103. 28-Apr-2017 - Improvements for proposed Pennsylvania DNA legislation

  104. 26-Apr-2017 - Helping stay executions in Harris County, Texas

  105. 25-Apr-2017 - Cybergenetics sexual assault awareness month activities

  106. 20-Apr-2017 - Supreme Court lets Arkansas execute Ledell Lee

  107. 20-Apr-2017 - Bringing DNA back into cases helps secure guilty pleas

  108. 14-Apr-2017 - Speaking science to students at Penn State Beaver

  109. 3-Apr-2017 - Response to Governor Wolf's sexual assault awareness month proclamation

  110. 31-Mar-2017 - TrueAllele helps release Christopher Tapp from Idaho prison

  111. 17-Mar-2017 - AAFS talk on manipulating DNA evidence

  112. 10-Mar-2017 - AAFS talk on Pinkins exoneration

  113. 17-Feb-2017 - Cybergenetics scientist presents three AAFS talks

  114. 14-Feb-2017 - Dante Washington gets 36 to 72 years in state prison

  115. 13-Feb-2017 - Robert Xie gets five consecutive life sentences

  116. 10-Feb-2017 - Speaking truth to power in Washington

  117. 9-Feb-2017 - David Black gets two consecutive life sentences

  118. 3-Feb-2017 - Indiana talk on Darryl Pinkins exoneration

  119. 30-Jan-2017 - Roosevelt Glenn exonerated by TrueAllele science of 1989 rape

  120. 20-Jan-2017 - Indiana talk on TrueAllele admissibility

  121. 13-Jan-2017 - Indiana legal education on DNA mixture problem and solution

  122. 13-Jan-2017 - TechVibe Radio interviews Cybergenetics

  123. 12-Jan-2017 - Seattle judge rules on TrueAllele admissibility and source code

  124. 12-Jan-2017 - Robert Xie convicted of quintuple family murder

  125. 2016

  126. 19-Dec-2016 - Neohuman podcast interviews Cybergenetics Mark Perlin

  127. 16-Dec-2016 - What judges should know about DNA mixtures

  128. 16-Dec-2016 - Cybergenetics responds to letter from Hillary prosecutor

  129. 15-Dec-2016 - Cybergenetics testifies about taxicab DNA evidence in cabbie shooting

  130. 11-Dec-2016 - Louisiana human trafficker convicted of aggravated rape and battery

  131. 9-Dec-2016 - Cold case talk on Mr. Hopkins invisible semen

  132. 6-Dec-2016 - Cybergenetics CLE lecture for Indiana prosecutors

  133. 1-Dec-2016 - The Investigator magazine interviews Cybergenetics Ria David

  134. 23-Nov-2016 - Cybergenetics addresses PCAST in Washington

  135. 21-Nov-2016 - Judge denies request for TrueAllele hearing based on PCAST

  136. 18-Nov-2016 - Cybergenetics talks to PCAST about forensic transparency

  137. 17-Nov-2016 - Cybergenetics explains the Hillary acquittal at a Legal Aid Society conference

  138. 8-Nov-2016 - Virginia man convicted of killing his wife

  139. 4-Nov-2016 - ProPublica reports on TrueAllele analysis of DNA evidence

  140. 3-Nov-2016 - Defending against DNA mixture evidence

  141. 21-Oct-2016 - TrueAllele widely accepted as reliable science

  142. 14-Oct-2016 - Overcoming bias in DNA mixture interpretation

  143. 13-Oct-2016 - Louisiana drug dealer pleads guilty to homicide

  144. 7-Oct-2016 - The probative power of DNA mixtures

  145. 28-Sep-2016 - Hillary acquitted of Potsdam murder by New York judge

  146. 16-Sep-2016 - Cybergenetics responds to President’s PCAST report on forensic DNA

  147. 8-Sep-2016 - New York judge again precludes STRmix from Hillary trial

  148. 2-Sep-2016 - Pittsburgh-based TechVibe Radio interviews Cybergenetics President Ria David

  149. 28-Aug-2016 - Pittsburgh newspaper publishes series on Cybergenetics technology

  150. 26-Aug-2016 - STRmix precluded as inadmissible DNA evidence in Hillary case

  151. 3-Aug-2016 - TrueAllele admitted into evidence after tenth admissibility challenge

  152. 17-Jul-2016 - Indianapolis Star features TrueAllele exoneration of Darryl Pinkins

  153. 12-Jul-2016 - Cybergenetics alerts NIST to possible commercial conflict

  154. 3-Jun-2016 - TrueAllele admitted in ninth state after challenge in Indiana drug case

  155. 19-May-2016 - Allen Wade convicted of murdering Susan and Sarah Wolfe

  156. 17-May-2016 - The Atlantic magazine on "The False Promise of DNA Testing"

  157. 12-May-2016 - TrueAllele testimony in the Allen Wade trial for the Wolfe sisters double homicide

  158. 25-Apr-2016 - TrueAllele helps free innocent Indiana man after 24 years in prison

  159. 21-Apr-2016 - Pennsylvania appellate court denies source code petition for review

  160. 4-Apr-2016 - Washington prosecutors respond to defense motion for source code

  161. 18-Mar-2016 - Martell Chubbs pleads no contest to second degree murder in cold case murder of teenage mother

  162. 18-Mar-2016 - Allegheny County public defenders withdraw TrueAllele source code appeal in Wolfe sisters double homicide

  163. 10-Mar-2016 - Handprints in the morning dew links killers to crime

  164. 4-Mar-2016 - TrueAllele resolves five person DNA mixture on a handgun used in Syracuse shooting

  165. 22-Feb-2016 - Call for investigation into New York State Police DNA cover up

  166. 4-Feb-2016 - Pennsylvania court ruling denies source code discovery request

  167. 15-Jan-2016 - Driver in Louisiana armed robbery immigrant slaying convicted of homicide

  168. 2015

  169. 8-Dec-2015 - New York motion filed on why STRmix is not TrueAllele

  170. 1-Dec-2015 - Australia Xie trial ends in hung jury

  171. 17-Nov-2015 - TrueAllele mixture analysis places New Orleans killer at crime scene

  172. 16-Nov-2015 - Forensic Magazine article on CPI as 'Random Number Generator' study

  173. 11-Nov-2015 - Australia jury to consider verdict in marathon Robert Xie quintuple homicide case

  174. 10-Nov-2015 - Baltimore crime lab goes live with TrueAllele Casework

  175. 29-Oct-2015 - Judge to allow TrueAllele evidence in deaths of Wolfe sisters

  176. 28-Oct-2015 - Cybergenetics study published on the validity of CPI match statistic

  177. 27-Oct-2015 - TrueAllele admitted into evidence after South Carolina admissibility hearing

  178. 17-Oct-2015 - Ars Technica magazine writes about TrueAllele mixture technology

  179. 4-Oct-2015 - Did New York State Police scapegoat its crime lab scientists?

  180. 2-Oct-2015 - TrueAllele helps Indiana Innocence Project with DNA mixture evidence for Darryl Pinkins

  181. 25-Sep-2015 - Cutting edge DNA evidence seminar for Pennsylvania defense lawyers

  182. 24-Sep-2015 - Michael Gardner pleads guilty in two child sex abuse cases

  183. 21-Sep-2015 - Cybergenetics interviewed on KQV’s “The Public Forum” radio show

  184. 18-Sep-2015 - TrueAllele helps convict Louisiana man of molesting young girl

  185. 10-Aug-2015 - Pittsburgh Tech Council announces Cybergenetics as Tech50 Finalist

  186. 10-Aug-2015 - Virginia publishes TrueAllele validation study on complex DNA mixtures

  187. 27-Jul-2015 - Virginia man pleads guilty to killing elderly Colonial Heights couple

  188. 22-Jul-2015 - Cybergenetics presents TrueAllele solution at international NIST meeting

  189. 17-Jul-2015 - New JFS paper validates TrueAllele on up to five unknown contributors

  190. 15-Jul-2015 - TrueAllele mixture analysis instrumental in Indiana innocence case

  191. 12-Jul-2015 - Post-Gazette Sunday feature on how TrueAllele helps solve incest rape

  192. 6-Jul-2015 - STEM teenagers learn about the math and science of TrueAllele

  193. 23-Jun-2015 - Cybergenetics scientist testifies in Australia trial about mixture of relatives

  194. 27-May-2015 - Wakefield sentenced to life in prison for murder in upstate New York

  195. 20-May-2015 - MAAFS presentation “Rapid DNA Response: On the Wings of TrueAllele”

  196. 19-May-2015 - Bakersfield "East Side Rapist" sentenced to life plus 423 years

  197. 18-May-2015 - TrueAllele education and the New York State Police

  198. 16-May-2015 - CBS “48 Hours”: Exculpatory DNA may have sent an innocent man to prison

  199. 15-May-2015 - FBI opens software procurement to fair and open competition

  200. 8-May-2015 - Baltimore jury hears TrueAllele before convicting "consent" rapist

  201. 20-Mar-2015 - DNA technology crucial in murder conviction of John Wakefield

  202. 2014

  203. 12-Sep-2014 - Serial rapist found guilty in first New York trial using TrueAllele

  204. 6-Sep-2014 - California newspaper features how Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA analysis helps gain convictions

  205. 19-Jun-2014 - Jury takes less than an hour to convict rapist

  206. 26-May-2014 - Latest in DNA analysis gains wider acceptance

  207. 24-Apr-2014 - Wade ordered to stand trial on homicide charges in deaths of East Liberty sisters

  208. 18-Apr-2014 - Man sentenced to 75-150 years for rape

  209. 11-Mar-2014 - Firm to help police analyze DNA found in East Liberty double murder

  210. 6-Mar-2014 - Investigators use Pittsburgh company to examine DNA in Wolfe sisters' deaths

  211. 28-Feb-2014 - Allegheny County crime lab vying to use more advanced DNA database: Technology developed by Cybergenetics gets conclusive results from DNA mixtures

  212. 24-Jan-2014 - Pittsburgh neighborhood newspaper writes how Mark Perlin develops hi-tech analysis for DNA samples

  213. 6-Jan-2014 - Cybergenetics Chief Scientist featured in "People to know around Pittsburgh in the New Year"

  214. 2013

  215. 20-May-2013 - KDKA news televises report on Cybergenetics scientist taking DNA testing to new levels

  216. 15-May-2013 - Author Andrea Niapas and guest speakers discuss her new book about Dr. John Yelenic's murder and the TrueAllele DNA evidence

  217. 30-Apr-2013 - KGET news televises report on gang sentencing and TrueAllele DNA mixture results

  218. 19-Apr-2013 - Corrections to NIST mixture interpretation webcast misstatements about TrueAllele Casework

  219. 20-Feb-2013 - KGET television news reports Cybergenetics DNA technology helps convict criminals

  220. 2012

  221. 14-Sep-2012 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele computer contradicts innocence claim of New Orleans rape convict who was nearly set free

  222. 04-Sep-2012 - TrueAllele computer analyzes DNA mixture evidence that links McKeesport man to homicide

  223. 21-Jun-2012 - Cybergenetics matches DNA mixture to Virginia man convicted of child abduction and assault

  224. 11-Jun-2012 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA evidence helps convict Virginia man of homicide

  225. 02-May-2012 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA match helps convict Falls Church man of molesting Virginia girls

  226. 13-Apr-2012 - Pennsylvania man held for trial after Cybergenetics presents TrueAllele DNA match at homicide hearing

  227. 02-Apr-2012 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA mixture interpretation helps convict Nigerian rapist in Allegheny County

  228. 30-Mar-2012 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele computes DNA match statistic that aids homicide arrest

  229. 05-Mar-2012 - KDKA news televises report on Cybergenetics TrueAllele revolutionizing forensic DNA analysis

  230. 28-Feb-2012 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA mixture analysis helps convict Virginia man of armed robbery

  231. 24-Feb-2012 - Cybergenetics gives talk on combining DNA evidence for greater match information at American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting

  232. 23-Feb-2012 - Cybergenetics gives talk on investigative DNA databases that preserve identification information at American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting

  233. 18-Feb-2012 - Pittsburgh Post Gazette publishes feature article on wider acceptance of Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA analysis

  234. 15-Feb-2012 - Pennsylvania Superior Court publishes Cybergenetics TrueAllele precedent from Foley homicide

  235. 12-Jan-2012 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele helps convict Northern Ireland man in Massereene murder and paves the way for DNA computing

  236. 04-Jan-2012 - Pennsylvania appeals court affirms Cybergenetics TrueAllele admissibility for DNA mixture evidence in Foley case

  237. 2011

  238. 01-Dec-2011 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA evidence allowed in United Kingdom Massereene homicide trial

  239. 02-Nov-2011 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele forensic DNA mixture interpretation validation study on adjudicated cases published in Journal of Forensic Sciences

  240. 25-Oct-2011 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA mixture testimony in US Marine Corps court martial helps secure conviction

  241. 24-Oct-2011 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele 100 sextillion DNA match statistic testimony helps convict Maryland man on bank robbery charges in federal court

  242. 03-Oct-2011 - National Institute of Standards and Technology develops DNA mixture standards using Cybergenetics TrueAllele gold standard computing tool

  243. 03-Sep-2011 - National Institute of Standards and Technology presents DNA mixture validation study on Cybergenetics TrueAllele Casework at international forensics conference

  244. 03-Aug-2011 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele testimony helps convict Virginia man on drug and firearms charges in federal court

  245. 20-Jul-2011 - Reliable Cybergenetics TrueAllele computer DNA mixture method used to prove new forensic DNA laboratory concept

  246. 27-Jun-2011 - New York State Commission on Forensic Science approves Cybergenetics TrueAllele for forensic casework

  247. 26-Jun-2011 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette publishes feature article on Cybergenetics trailblazing TrueAllele computer technology for solving crimes through better DNA identification

  248. 20-May-2011 - New York State DNA Subcommittee scientists unanimously recommend regulatory approval of Cybergenetics TrueAllele for forensic casework

  249. 13-May-2011 - Cybergenetics presents at Duquesne University continuing education course for lawyers on familial DNA database search

  250. 01-May-2011 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele nine trillion DNA match testimony helps convict Reading, PA killer

  251. 04-Mar-2011 - Cybergenetics presents continuing education course for lawyers on TrueAllele and Foley DNA evidence at Allegheny County Courthouse

  252. 25-Feb-2011 - Cybergenetics gives Sherlock Holmes and DNA likelihood ratio match statistic talk at American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting

  253. 2010

  254. 08-Oct-2010 - Cybergenetics presents continuing education course for lawyers on TrueAllele and Foley DNA evidence at Duquesne University

  255. 13-Apr-2010 - Cybergenetics three day TrueAllele training workshop for New York State crime laboratories done on Apple computers

  256. 25-Feb-2010 - Cybergenetics presents TrueAllele DNA validation and case studies at American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting

  257. 14-Jan-2010 - New FBI SWGDAM guidelines allow probabilistic genotype DNA mixture interpretation - Cybergenetics TrueAllele complies with standard

  258. 2009

  259. 16-Dec-2009 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele forensic DNA mixture interpretation validation study on known samples published in PLoS ONE journal

  260. 12-Mar-2009 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele 189 billion DNA match testimony helps convict Blairsville PA killer

  261. 21-Feb-2009 - Cybergenetics presents TrueAllele DNA interpretation studies at American Academy of Forensic Sciences meeting

  262. 17-Feb-2009 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele computer interpretation of DNA evidence admissible in court

  263. 2006

  264. 28-Nov-2006 - FBI approves Cybergenetics TrueAllele expert system for CODIS DNA database

  265. 08-Sep-2006 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele analyzes DNA evidence from World Trade Center terrorist attack

  266. 2004

  267. 27-Jul-2004 - Cybergenetics works with AFDIL to provide DNA security for Athens Olympics using TrueAllele Databank technology

  268. 21-Jul-2004 - Cybergenetics provides TrueAllele volume crime DNA solution to United Kingdom

  269. 01-Jul-2004 - Journal of Forensic Sciences publishes Cybergenetics TrueAllele Databank expert system DNA validation paper

  270. 2001

  271. 15-Nov-2001 - Cybergenetics awarded National Institute of Justice grant for validating TrueAllele Casework computer interpretation of forensic DNA mixtures

  272. 2000

  273. 05-Oct-2000 - Cybergenetics awarded National Institute of Justice TrueAllele Databank validation grant for DNA reference samples

  274. 24-Mar-2000 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele eliminates United Kingdom DNA database backlog