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Cybergenetics scientist to teach forensic DNA course

Pittsburgh, PA

Chief Scientist Dr. Mark Perlin will be teaching a course on “Forensic DNA in Criminal Justice: Science and Society” for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Class starts September 7. For more information, please visit

Course catalog description

DNA can find the guilty and free the innocent. Yet crime labs routinely abandon vital evidence, preferring failed intuition over proven computing. Federal interference further confuses issues. This course will teach forensic DNA concepts and show the impact of science on society. Topical cases of serious crime highlight DNA success and failure. Students will learn how to strengthen criminal justice and overcome injustice.

The six lectures cover Science, introducing forensic DNA science and evidence interpretation; Society, people’s lives are affected by good and bad forensic DNA evidence; Success, better DNA science improves criminal justice; Failure, scientific truth does not always prevail in court; Justice, reanalyzing failed DNA evidence helps free the innocent; Injustice, vested interests can trample science and diminish justice.

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