TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide
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Cybergenetics press information. On forensic DNA issues and more.

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  1. 21-Sep-2016 - Cybergenetics President Ria David Receives Commendations from City Council and Governor Tom Wolf -- Dr. Ria David Is Recognized on Women In Bio Day of P.O.W.E.R.

  2. 26-Apr-2016 - TrueAllele Helps Free Innocent Indiana Man After 24 Years in Prison -- New Computer Analysis of Old DNA Data Proves His Innocence

  3. 2015

  4. 5-Nov-2015 - New Study Questions the Validity of Forensic DNA Match Statistic -- Fifteen Years of Criminal Cases with Affected Mixture Evidence

  5. 17-Feb-2015 - New York Court Admits TrueAllele After Frye Challenge -- Cybergenetics Software Reliably Interprets DNA Evidence

  6. 2014

  7. 02-Dec-2014 - United States Patent Awarded for Computerized DNA Mixture Analysis -- Cybergenetics TrueAllele Solves Crimes That Other Methods Cannot

  8. 12-Nov-2014 - TrueAllele DNA Analysis Prevails in Louisiana Daubert Challenge -- Cybergenetics Computing Complements Crime Lab Capabilities

  9. 22-Oct-2014 - TrueAllele Casework Ruled Admissible in Ohio Daubert Challenge -- Reliable Cybergenetics Computer Analysis of Complex DNA Aids Conviction

  10. 18-Sep-2014 - TrueAllele Used in New York Court for the First Time -- Cybergenetics DNA Mixture Analysis Helps Convict Serial Rapist

  11. 09-May-2014 - TrueAllele Helps Prosecutors Secure Two Guilty Pleas This Week -- New York Child Rapist and Pennsylvania Murderer are Convicted

  12. 28-Apr-2014 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele Validated on Virginia DNA Mixture Cases -- Computers Report on DNA Evidence when Human Experts Cannot

  13. 24-Mar-2014 - Kern County’s TrueAllele Computing Routinely Solves Impossible DNA Mixtures -- Cybergenetics Automated Workflow Revolutionizes DNA Evidence Interpretation

  14. 04-Mar-2014 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele Validated in Open-Access Scientific Study -- Computers Interpret Rape Kits that Human Experts Cannot

  15. 2013

  16. 26-Feb-2013 - Kern County District Attorney Lisa Green Announced a Conviction in a Significant Gang Case Today

  17. 2012

  18. 01-Mar-2012 - Pennsylvania Precedent for Cybergenetics TrueAllele Computer Interpretation of DNA Evidence -- Superior Court Affirms Foley Case in Published Opinion

  19. 2011

  20. 28-Nov-2011 - TrueAllele DNA Mixture Interpretation Validation Study Published -- Journal of Forensic Sciences Article Establishes Reliability of Cybergenetics Technology

  21. 2010

  22. 05-Oct-2010 - Historic Homicide Trial Explained -- How Cybergenetics Computer Cracked DNA Crime

  23. 2009

  24. 09-Dec-2009 - Match Likelihood Ratio Preserves DNA Evidence Information: Cybergenetics Publishes Objective Forensic Method

  25. 03-Apr-2009 - Cybergenetics TrueAllele® DNA Match Used in Homicide Conviction

  26. 2006

  27. 28-Nov-2006 - New York State Police to Deploy FBI Approved TrueAllele® Expert System for DNA Review

  28. 08-Sep-2006 - Cybergenetics Awarded Contract to Identify World Trade Center Victim Remains Using TrueAllele® Technology

  29. 2004

  30. 21-Jul-2004 - Forensic Science Service Expands License for Cybergenetics Automated DNA Data Review Technology

  31. 2001

  32. 11-Jul-2001 - Cybergenetics Accelerates the UK National DNA Database

  33. 2000

  34. 05-Oct-2000 - Cybergenetics Awarded Justice Contract for DNA Analysis

  35. 31-May-2000 - Cybergenetics Awarded Lane Tracking Patent

  36. 24-Mar-2000 - Cybergenetics Awarded UK National DNA Database Contract

  37. 07-Feb-2000 - Cybergenetics Quality-Based Genetic Analysis Automation Technology

  38. 1999

  39. 19-Aug-1999 - deCODE genetics Renews License for Cybergenetics Automated Genotyping Technology

  40. 1998

  41. 27-Oct-1998 - SmithKline Beecham Renews License for Cybergenetics Automated Genotyping Technology

  42. 20-Oct-1998 - Cybergenetics Announces Automated Genotyping Evaluation Software

  43. 18-Jun-1998 - Cybergenetics Awarded SBIR Phase II Grant by NIH