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What is ORCA?

Cybergenetics is excited to announce the development of ORCA, the Organized Retail Crime Automation Database. While ORCA isn’t released yet, our team is diligently working towards its launch, with anticipation building for its upcoming availability.

ORCA represents a significant advancement in the realm of organized retail crime investigation and prevention. Powered by our innovative DNA Intelligence (DNAI) platform, and incorporating the unparalleled capabilities of TrueAllele®, ORCA promises to revolutionize how investigators and loss prevention professionals tackle ORC networks.

Stay tuned for further updates as we prepare to unveil ORCA and empower retail security teams with cutting-edge technology to combat organized crime effectively.


ORCA, the Organized Retail Crime Automation Database, marks a significant leap forward in the fight against organized retail crime (ORC). Powered by Cybergenetics’ groundbreaking DNA Intelligence (DNAI) platform, ORCA stands as a revolutionary tool for investigators and loss prevention professionals.

At its core, ORCA harnesses the unparalleled capabilities of TrueAllele®, recognized globally as the pinnacle of DNA matching technology. By leveraging TrueAllele®, ORCA transforms raw genetic data into actionable insights, providing investigators with invaluable leads and deep insights into ORC networks.

The implementation of ORCA represents a paradigm shift in the approach to combating ORC. By furnishing loss prevention professionals with precise and corroborative evidence, ORCA significantly enhances the likelihood of successful convictions. This not only serves to bring perpetrators to justice but also acts as a powerful deterrent against future criminal activities.

Ultimately, the adoption of ORCA holds the promise of minimizing retail theft by equipping law enforcement and retail security teams with the tools needed to disrupt and dismantle organized crime networks effectively. As ORCA continues to evolve, its impact on combating ORC is poised to be nothing short of transformative, ushering in a new era of security and protection for retailers worldwide.

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A gang was suspected of committing a series of convenience store robberies. As the violence escalated, resolving these crimes became increasingly important. Touch evidence items were collected from five shops, yielding a dozen DNA mixtures. The mixture complexity was high. Comparisons were needed with DNA coming from both suspects and victims. TrueAllele® interpretation of the touch DNA was able to separate evidence data. Three suspects were identified, including the likely gang leader. Whereas human assessment of the 120 potential DNA matches (12 evidence vs. 10 suspects) was not feasible, the computer could rapidly pinpoint matches.

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