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Cybergenetics was founded in 1994. The initial focus was genetics, using computers to automate the interpretation of DNA data for medical diagnosis and gene discovery. Five years later, the company transitioned into forensic analysis, helping to eliminate backlogs and solving the DNA mixture problem. The company’s TrueAllele® technology helped identify victim remains in the World Trade Center disaster. Ten years of continual refinement led to routine use in most of the United States and abroad. Dozens of empirical studies form the basis of TrueAllele’s acceptance as reliable science. In a 2009 conviction, TrueAllele identified a murderer through his victim’s fingernails. In a 2016 exoneration, TrueAllele helped free an innocent man after twenty four years in prison. In hundreds of criminal cases, attorneys and investigators use Cybergenetics “probabilistic” genotyping to find truth in DNA.