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TrueAllele® Source Code Access

Cybergenetics has developed the powerful TrueAllele technology for DNA identification, a 25-year endeavor.  System reliability is established by empirically testing the software on DNA data.  Subject to access policy conditions, legal teams can run the TrueAllele executable software on case data, and request access to the trade secret source code. 

Access Documents

Access to TrueAllele Casework Software by Legal Teams describes how to access the trade secret TrueAllele source code.  Cybergenetics makes its software and code available, subject to Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement compliance. 

Supporting Documents

Cybergenetics TrueAllele Software License Agreement governs the use of TrueAllele software.  The TrueAllele Disclosure DVD describes no-cost TrueAllele Cloud testing on case data.