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Cybergenetics is a leading technology company specializing in advanced DNA analysis solutions. With a focus on forensic genetics, Cybergenetics develops innovative software and platforms that enable accurate and efficient interpretation of DNA evidence. Their flagship product, TrueAllele®, stands as one of the most advanced DNA matching programs globally, providing forensic experts and law enforcement agencies with powerful tools to identify perpetrators and solve crimes. Cybergenetics’ commitment to excellence in DNA analysis continues to drive advancements in forensic science, aiding investigations and delivering justice worldwide.

TrueAllele is a sophisticated DNA interpretation software developed by Cybergenetics. It is renowned for its advanced capabilities in analyzing complex DNA evidence, making it a valuable tool for forensic laboratories and law enforcement agencies.

TrueAllele excels in several key areas:

Complex Mixture Analysis: TrueAllele specializes in deciphering DNA mixtures, where genetic material from multiple contributors is present. It accurately separates and identifies individual DNA profiles within these mixtures, even when the data is highly degraded or fragmented.

Statistical Analysis: The software employs advanced statistical algorithms to calculate likelihood ratios, providing quantitative measures of the strength of DNA evidence. This statistical rigor enhances the reliability and credibility of forensic DNA analysis results.

Automation and Efficiency: TrueAllele’s automated analysis process streamlines workflows in forensic laboratories, significantly reducing the time and resources required for DNA interpretation. This efficiency enables forensic experts to handle a higher volume of cases effectively.

Objective Interpretation: TrueAllele’s objective approach to DNA interpretation minimizes the potential for human error or bias, ensuring impartial and reliable results. This objectivity enhances the validity of forensic evidence presented in court proceedings.

Compatibility and Integration: TrueAllele is designed to complement existing laboratory systems and workflows, seamlessly integrating with other forensic technologies and databases. Its compatibility with various DNA analysis instruments and software platforms makes it a versatile tool for forensic laboratories worldwide.

TrueAllele’s advanced capabilities in complex DNA mixture analysis, statistical analysis, automation, objectivity, and compatibility make it a powerful asset for forensic laboratories. By enhancing the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of DNA evidence interpretation, TrueAllele contributes significantly to the investigative process and the pursuit of justice.