Pennsylvania prosecutors use TrueAllele in homicide guilty plea


Cases where Cybergenetics testified about TrueAllele® evidence.

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  1. Pennsylvania v Kareef Easington
  2. Michigan v Beverly McCallum
  3. Tennessee v Demontrey Logsdon

  4. 2023

  5. South Carolina v Jerod Goodwin
  6. Massachusetts v Paul Fahey
  7. Pennsylvania v Blair Watts
    Homicide: DNA on kitchen window bolsters Commonwealth’s case
  8. New York v Melik Davis
    Homicide: TrueAllele analyzes evidence from home invasion
  9. Louisiana v Jamoriya Ben
    Homicide: Suspect linked to deadly home robbery shooting
  10. United States v Ravel Mills
    Homicide: Suspect statistically excluded from gun evidence
  11. Tennessee v Horace Williamson
    Homicide: Robbery in bar parking lot ends in double homicide
  12. New York v L.M.
    Homicide: Man acquitted of 1995 strangulation murder
  13. New York v Callin LeMon
    Homicide: Suspect connected to weapon from home invasion
  14. New York v D.R.
    Homicide: Suspect excluded from firearm
  15. Massachusetts v Tony Dyshaun Harris
    Homicide: Suspect in parking lot shooting linked to gun and rental car
  16. New York v R.B.
  17. Tennessee v Kenneth McDonald
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects suspect to weapon from murder and burglary
  18. Pennsylvania v Christian Bey
    Homicide: Firearm linked to shooting death of off-duty police officer
  19. New York v Ade Ngaii
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects construction hat and vest to murder suspect
  20. Massachusetts v Lorenzo Jones
    Homicide: TrueAllele analyzes firearm evidence in shooting
  21. Tennessee v Richard Woodson
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects suspects to home invasion
  22. New York v Donatila O’Mahony
    Homicide (re-trial): Computer connects bag of ammunition to suspect

  23. 2022

  24. Massachusetts v Jonathan Whigham
    Weapons possession: TrueAllele analyzes evidence in domestic dispute
  25. Louisiana v Joshua Eugene
    Homicide: TrueAllele links watch to suspect in cold case shooting
  26. Tennessee v Abdullah Powell
    Homicide: TrueAllele analyzes scarf from home invasion
  27. New York v Donatila O’Mahony
    Homicide: Computer connects bag of ammunition to suspect
  28. United States v Derrick Estes
    Weapons possession: Suspect connected to weapons hidden behind residence
  29. Estate of Gregory Hill v Sheriff of St. Lucie County and Deputy Christopher Newman
    Civil: Computer analyzes evidence from police-involved shooting
  30. Maryland v Michael Brown, Jr.
    Homicide: TrueAllele analyzes minor contributor from jeans pocket mixture
  31. New Hampshire v John Gates
    Arson: TrueAllele excludes suspect from glove found at burglary
  32. Pennsylvania v Stephen Moore
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects suspect to complex five person mixture from revolver
  33. Pennsylvania v Raphael Perez-Rodriguez
    Homicide: TrueAllele links knives to homicide of Air Force veteran
  34. United States v Curtis Johnson, Jr.
    Homicide (re-trial): TrueAllele connects a suspect to bandana
  35. Ohio v Ronald Newberry
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects suspects to piece of glove at crime scene

  36. 2021

  37. Ohio v Kodii Gibson
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects suspects to piece of glove at crime scene
  38. Louisiana v Lanard Lavigne
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects suspects to handgun
  39. Maryland v Andy Panton
    Homicide: Computer shows defendant’s DNA is inside victims’ vehicle
  40. Louisiana v Dulce Maria Funez
    Homicide: Cybergenetics DNA analysis links woman to double homicide
  41. United States v Curtis Johnson, Jr.
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects a suspect to bandana
  42. California v Tokunbo Okuwoga
    Homicide: TrueAllele links suspects to tan glove
  43. Louisiana v Kenneth Gleason
    Homicide: Cybergenetics DNA analysis links serial killer to shooting scene

  44. 2020

  45. California v Manuel Lopez
    Homicide: TrueAllele’s more complete analysis reveals different DNA story
  46. Pennsylvania v Joseph Coleman
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects killer to clothing disguises

  47. 2019

  48. Pennsylvania v Jamell Jackson
    Aggravated Assault: TrueAllele finds man’s DNA on firearm after shooting uncle’s foot
  49. Tennessee v Joseph Wielzen
    Homicide: TrueAllele excludes suspect from baseball bat
  50. United States v Jeremy Esteves and Robert Brumfield
    Homicide: TrueAllele finds armed robber’s DNA on bandana
  51. Maryland v Calvin Odera
    Rape: Computer unmixes DNA in sexual assault case
  52. Pennsylvania v Larry Shroyer
    Homicide: Blue drug packets connect dealer to overdose death
  53. Pennsylvania v Derrick Gallaway
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects cash tray blood stain to California killer of motel owner
  54. Tennessee v Roy Coons
    Homicide: TrueAllele finds child killer’s DNA on window frame
  55. Ohio v DeShawn Dowdell
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects Mansfield man to homicide weapon
  56. Washington v Emanuel Fair
    Homicide: TrueAllele in Halloween murder of Seattle software developer (re-trial)
  57. Pennsylvania v Hakim Hopkins
    Weapons Possession: TrueAllele connects suspect to weapon
  58. California v Charles Merritt
    Homicide: TrueAllele interprets DNA effects from murdered family found in desert
  59. Pennsylvania v Jordan Rawls
    Homicide: TrueAllele exclusionary results from weapon corroborate other testimony
  60. Tennessee v Demontez Watkins
    Homicide: Computer connects killer to victim’s khaki pants pockets
  61. Idaho v Jessica Colpitts
    Homicide: TrueAllele unravels DNA in jealousy killing
  62. New York v William Hubbard
  63. United States v Kadeem Burden
    Weapons Possession: Computer connects weapon to fleeing gunman (re-trial)
  64. California v Jesse Torres
    Homicide: DNA links abducted teen's earrings to murderer
  65. Pennsylvania v Joseph Coleman
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects home invader to weapon
  66. Louisiana v David Bueso
    Homicide: Computer connects bleach bottle to killer
  67. Florida v Lajayvian Daniels
    Homicide: Computer connects suspect to charred clothing

  68. 2018

  69. Florida v Pablo Ibar
    Homicide: TrueAllele separates contributors to complex T-shirt mixture sample
  70. New York v Christopher James
    Homicide: TrueAllele finds killer on crime scene DNA evidence
  71. United States v Kadeem Burden
    Weapons Possession: Computer connects weapon to fleeing gunman
  72. Pennsylvania v Montre Sayles
    Assault: TrueAllele identifies attacker through DNA from woman’s skin
  73. Virginia v Bernard Duse, Jr.
    Homicide: Cybergenetics explains DNA transfer in Virginia CVS murder
  74. New York v Kimani Stephenson
    Sexual Assault: TrueAllele excludes defendent DNA in New York City case
  75. New York v Dequan Grimes
    Weapons Possession: Computer connects convicted offender to illegal handgun
  76. Pennsylvania v Carlos Harris
    Homicide: TrueAllele used in Homestead murder case (re-trial)
  77. West Virginia v Tyler Kennedy
    Sexual Assault: DNA evidence helps prove man innocent of sexual assault
  78. Pennsylvania v David Norman
    Sexual Assault: DNA on underwear in sexual assault case
  79. New York v Rene Hernandez
    Sexual Assault: TrueAllele helps convict Suffolk County child molester
  80. Nebraska v Charles Simmer
    Homicide: DNA connects nephew to grisly murder
  81. Wyoming v Kelby Niebuhr and Owen Soto
    Rape: Computer resolves DNA mixture evidence
  82. Indiana v Vaylan Glazebrook
    Sexual Assault: College town home invasion nets 125 years in prison
  83. Louisiana v Kendell Ellis
    Homicide: Steering wheel DNA connects man to murder

  84. 2017

  85. Pennsylvania v Carlos Harris
    Homicide: TrueAllele used in Homestead murder case
  86. New York v Akeem Williams
    Homicide: TrueAllele unmixes revolver DNA in Xbox killing (re-trial)
  87. California v Andre Love
    Robbery: Serial restaurant robber identified by DNA evidence
  88. Ohio v Slater Howell III
    Homicide: Cleveland killer convicted after TrueAllele analysis of complex DNA
  89. Louisiana v Roman Trosclair
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects car door handle to suspect
  90. New York v Akeem Williams
    Homicide: TrueAllele unmixes revolver DNA in Xbox killing
  91. Indiana v Randal Coalter
    Homicide: TrueAllele evidence in suicide-framed murder
  92. New York v Noah Hunter
    Weapons Possession: TrueAllele handgun analysis leads to gang leader conviction
  93. Louisiana v James Mills
    Homicide: TrueAllele links cellphone to Baton Rouge killer
  94. Pennsylvania v Joshua Huber
    Homicide: TrueAllele establishes reasonable doubt in homicide acquittal
  95. New Hampshire v Adrien Stillwell
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects discarded handgun to driveway killer
  96. Washington v Emanuel Fair
    Homicide: TrueAllele in Halloween murder of Seattle software developer
  97. Louisiana v Gary Francois
    Homicide: DNA evidence helps solve Christmas Eve murder
  98. Michigan v Jennifer Heavlin
    Vehicular Homicide: TrueAllele finds airbag DNA supports defense
  99. Pennsylvania v Tariq Long
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects defendant to handgun
  100. The Queen v Charles Valliday
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects defendant DNA in Northern Ireland
  101. Pennsylvania v Michael Robinson
    Homicide: TrueAllele links defendant to bandana

  102. 2016

  103. Pennsylvania v Dante Washington
    Attempted Homicide: TrueAllele separates DNA mixture to find cabbie-shooter
  104. Louisiana v Willard Anthony
    Human Trafficking: TrueAllele gun analysis busts prostitution ring
  105. Virginia v David Black
    Homicide: TrueAllele shines light on mixed DNA from wife slayer
  106. Pennsylvania v Jake Knight
    Homicide: Rankin man shot during home invasion
  107. Indiana v Malcolm Wade
    Sexual Assault: TrueAllele helps interpret DNA mixture of related individuals
  108. New Hampshire v Louie Branco
    Child Molestation: TrueAllele finds victims' DNA on molester's hands
  109. Maryland v Omar McGee
    Homicide: Abandoned hat puts killer at crime scene
  110. Indiana v Dugniqio Forest
    Drug Possession: Prison drug kingpin linked by cracker box DNA
  111. Massachusetts v Heidi Bartlett
    Rape: TrueAllele separates DNA mixture of relatives
  112. Pennsylvania v Allen Wade
    Homicide: TrueAllele identifies killer in Wolfe sisters double homicide
  113. Texas v Jose Noriega
    Murder: DNA links burned remains of woman to murderer
  114. Louisiana v Hilton Wilson & Reokenski Thomas
    Homicide: Handprints in the morning dew links killers to crime
  115. New York v Frank Thomas
    Weapons Possession: TrueAllele resolves five-person handgun DNA mixture
  116. Pennsylvania v Anthony Jefferson
    Weapons Possession : TrueAllele connects illegal gun to police shooting
  117. Louisiana v Corderrius Mitchell
    Homicide: Car driver gets life in shooting death of immigrant

  118. 2015

  119. Louisiana v Chattley Chesterfield and Samuel Nicolas
    Homicide: TrueAllele resolves pistol DNA mixture in Louisiana rapper case
  120. Louisiana v Christopher Hutsell
    Homicide: Water bottle DNA places killer with victim at scene
  121. Pennsylvania v Robert Schatzman
    Bank Robbery: Repeat robber caught by DNA on dropped hat
  122. South Carolina v Ja'quard Aiken
    Homicide: TrueAllele helps connect suspect to shotgun shells
  123. Pennsylvania v Henry Little-Procter and Rashawn Walker
    Homicide: Shooting in McKeesport kills pregnant mother of five
  124. Louisiana v Henry Lewis
    Molestation: TrueAllele connects child's bra to molester
  125. New South Wales v Lian Bin "Robert" Xie
    Homicide: TrueAllele resolves complex mixture in quintuple family murder
  126. New York v Sylvester Young
    Homicide: TrueAllele helps solve gang-related murder
  127. Maryland v Nelson Clifford
    Sex Offense: "Consent defense" serial rapist finally convicted by DNA
  128. New York v Nahkiem Fields
    Weapons Possession: DNA connects illegal gun to criminal
  129. California v Billy Ray Johnson
    Rape: Eastside Bakersfield serial rapist gets life plus 423 years
  130. New York v Adam Mogan
    Sexual Assault: TrueAllele separates DNA incest mixture
  131. New York v John Wakefield
    Homicide: Amp cord ties strangler to victim
  132. New York v Lewis Swift
    Homicide: TrueAllele connects beer can to killer

  133. 2014

  134. Pennsylvania v Jesse Lumberger
    Robbery: Cemetery clothing DNA tags bank robber
  135. New York v Casey Wilson
    Rape: Elmira serial rapist caught by glove DNA
  136. Pennsylvania v Terry Lipinski
    Rape: TrueAllele separates DNA mixture of incest rape
  137. Pennsylvania (Butler) v Ralph Skundrich
    Rape: Serial rapist caught again by DNA
  138. Pennsylvania (Allegheny) v Ralph Skundrich
    Rape: DNA snares serial rapist and forger

  139. 2013

  140. Pennsylvania v Gregory Scott Hopkins
    Homicide: Mr. Hopkins' invisible semen
  141. Virginia v Jason Huggard
    Home Invasion
  142. California v Dupree Langston and Charles Lawton
    Robbery: Computer defeats crime gang

  143. 2012

  144. Pennsylvania v Leland Davis
    Homicide: Murder in McKeesport
  145. Virginia v Jonathan Nathaniel Ramsey
    Abduction: Teenager abducts five year old girl
  146. Virginia v Otis Madison
    Homicide: Drug robbery turns into homicide
  147. Virginia v Michael Gardner
    Sex Offense: Community activist molests children
  148. Pennsylvania v Akaninyene Akan
    Rape: Nigerian man rapes student in Oakland
  149. Virginia v Keith Sampson
    Robbery: DNA mixture evidence puts armed robber behind bars

  150. 2011

  151. The Queen v Colin Duffy and Brian Shivers (Northern Ireland)
    Homicide: Massereene barracks terrorist attack
  152. United States Marine Corps v Sheldon Howard
    Rape: Marine sergeant rapes Quantico woman
  153. United States v Edward Martin Andrews
    Robbery: Career bank robber captured
  154. United States v Corey Harris
    Weapons Possession: Crack dealer leaves DNA on handgun
  155. Pennsylvania v Glenn Lyons
    Homicide: Parolee brutally slays lover

  156. 2009

  157. Pennsylvania v Kevin Foley
    Homicide: Blairsville dentist slain by state trooper