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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Ralph Skundrich

Serial rapist caught again by DNA

Crime Mr. Skundrich was accused of sexually assaulting a Butler woman in her Cranberry apartment.
Evidence Facial swabs were collected from the victim.
DNA The Pennsylvania State Police crime lab developed DNA data from the evidence item.
Match The lab's manual analysis of the DNA mixture found a match statistic of 5 million on the victim's face swab that included the suspect.
TrueAllele Cybergenetics' computer separated the same DNA mixture data into two genetic components, victim and unknown assailant. TrueAllele connected the 10% unknown component to Mr. Skundrich with a match statistic of 81.3 billion.
Cybergenetics    On June 17, 2014, Dr. Mark Perlin testified at the trial in Butler county about the DNA match statistics in this case.
Outcome Mr. Skundrich was found guilty of rape, burglary and involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. He was sentenced to 32 to 64 years in prison.