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For twenty years, Cybergenetics has been solving complex DNA evidence. Most forensic items are mixtures of two or more people, often in small amounts. Many crime labs can't get information from these DNA items. They incorrectly call them "inconclusive," or report a wrong match statistic.

Cybergenetics "unmixes" DNA mixtures. The Pittsburgh company's TrueAllele technology uses math and computers to find the right answer. A big match number shows that someone left their DNA, while a small statistic (a lot less than one) shows they didn't. Courts and investigators need match numbers.

Human interpretation makes choices. Analysts throw out DNA data, and make faulty assumptions. They discard informative evidence, and get the wrong answer – or no answer at all. They may reach a conclusion before even examining data.

TrueAllele computing removes human intervention, error, and bias. Cybergenetics artificial intelligence uses supercomputing based on DNA data, not human judgment. Fully-Bayesian probability modeling automates the interpretation process.

In 2005, TrueAllele reanalyzed charred World Trade Center DNA to help identify the 18,000 victim remains. In 2009, Cybergenetics testified in the world's first modern "probabilistic genotyping" trial to resolve a 7% unknown DNA fingerprint fraction, and help convict the killer. Cybergenetics has assisted justice in seven hundred criminal cases, working for both prosecution and defense, aiding investigations, and exonerating the innocent.

Leading crime labs have used their own TrueAllele systems for ten years. More than thirty-five scientific validation studies, seven published in peer-reviewed journals, establish TrueAllele's accuracy. In over twenty admissibility challenges, courts have ruled that TrueAllele is reliable scientific evidence.

When your lab calls key DNA evidence inconclusive (too complex, too low, too many), call Cybergenetics to Know the Answer®. Our free TrueAllele screening will tell you up-front who is, or isn't, in the DNA. Or find unknown people. No cost or obligation. Just DNA justice.

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