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Your DNA comes back "inconclusive." The lab report says "too little material" or "too many contributors" or "too complex to interpret" – just too, too bad. Is your case kaput?

Cybergenetics computers reach into your lab’s DNA data, and pull out the information that’s really there. Our patented TrueAllele® technology overcomes the limitations of human review. Fully-Bayesian artificial intelligence gets reliable DNA match results when people can’t.

Police collect crime scene evidence items. Then your laboratory extracts, amplifies, and detects DNA. Their genetic-analyzer machine stores DNA output signals in a data file. That electronic data is the starting point for interpreting DNA evidence.

But what if the item is a mixture of two, three, six, or ten people? (Most DNA evidence is a mix of people.) Then limited human analysis simplifies data to simplify interpretation – and often fails to get an answer.

With complex DNA evidence, simplistic data interpretation can’t give a valid match statistic. Failing to interpret, the lab gives up and calls DNA “inconclusive.”

Probabilistic Genotyping

Twenty years ago, Pittsburgh-based Cybergenetics pioneered "probabilistic genotyping." Instead of making unscientific all-or-none choices, TrueAllele® computing puts a probability to every genetic possibility. Explaining the data, not simplifying it, gives accurate, unbiased answers.

TrueAllele® “unmixes” DNA mixture data. It separates out contributors, finding their genotypes. The computer compares genotypes to give the DNA match statistics (aka “likelihood ratios”) needed to move a case forward.

Send us your lab’s “inconclusive” DNA data files. Our free TrueAllele® screening will quickly let you Know the Answer®. Who left their DNA on each evidence item? And who didn’t? Is there DNA from an unknown person? Did your guy do it?

Informative Evidence

Informative DNA match results shape a case. Whether prosecution or defense, police or innocence, TrueAllele® information shows you how to proceed. Cybergenetics can prepare reports, prepare you for trial, and provide expert witnesses. Cybergenetics has worked on hundreds of complex DNA cases. TrueAllele® labs have done even more cases. Dozens of validation studies, and dozens of admissibility rulings, have established TrueAllele® reliability. Contact us today to turn your “inconclusive” DNA into informative evidence that can help your case.

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