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In 2016, defendant Josh Huber shot and killed two friends in his apartment. The State called it first-degree murder. Huber claimed self-defense.

The DNA mixtures were too complex for the crime lab to interpret. They couldn’t draw any conclusions with simple methods. So Cybergenetics re-analyzed the lab’s DNA data using sophisticated TrueAllele® computing.

TrueAllele found the DNA mixtures contained both victim and defendant. Pointing to the results, the State argued intent to kill. On the same TrueAllele findings, the defense argued there was a struggle, proving self-defense. Huber was acquitted.

Cybergenetics’ Work
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Cybergenetics regularly consults for defense lawyers. Free TrueAllele screening can find exculpatory evidence in crime lab DNA. Powerful computing may reveal exclusionary information – that helps your case – in a lab’s “inconclusive” data.

If your client’s DNA evidence needs accurate, unbiased “probabilistic genotyping,” call Cybergenetics to re-examine the lab’s data. Our free screening can tell you who is or isn’t in the DNA. And what the evidence really means for your case.

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