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The State of Louisiana v Gary Francois

DNA evidence helps solve Christmas Eve murder

Crime On Christmas Eve in 2014, James “Popeye” Vaughn (24) was fatally shot inside a New Orleans mall.
Evidence The shooter dropped a .40-caliber pistol near the crime scene, which was taken as evidence.
DNA The local crime lab developed DNA data from the collected pistol.
Match The crime lab found that the pistol contained DNA from several contributors and was unable to draw any conclusions from the mixture data.
TrueAllele On the same data, the computer found that Gary Francois matched the pistol with a match statistic of 87.5 billion.
Cybergenetics    In May of 2017, Dr. Mark Perlin testified about the match statistic in front of a New Orleans jury.
Outcome Francois was found guilty of 2nd-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.