TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

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State of Louisiana v. Hilton Wilson and Reokenski Thomas

Handprints in the morning dew links killers to crime

Crime On July 22, 2013, Joseph John (32) was shot in Ville Platte, LA. He later died in the hospital.
Evidence On a fence post at the crime scene, two handprints disturbed the morning dew.
DNA The Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory found DNA mixtures in both handprints.
Match Due to the nature of the DNA data, the lab could not perform a statistical analysis on the handprint mixtures.
TrueAllele Cybergenetics TrueAllele® separated the mixture data into genotypes. Comparison with suspects Hilton Wilson (35) and Reokenski Thomas (32) found DNA match statistics in the millions, linking both defendants to the fence.
Cybergenetics    On March 10, 2016, Dr. Mark Perlin testified at the trial in Ville Platte, LA about the TrueAllele handprint results.
Outcome Hilton and Thomas were both convicted of first-degree murder. They face mandatory life in prison without parole.