TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

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People of New York v Frank Thomas Jr.

TrueAllele® resolves five-person handgun DNA mixture

Crime In August 2014, Frank Thomas Jr. fired into the night while being chased by Syracuse city police.
Evidence A handgun was recovered from the scene.
DNA The Onondaga County Center for Forensic Science laboratory developed a DNA mixture that contained five people.
Match The lab's mixture analysis could not produce a match statistic from the handgun's DNA mixture data.
TrueAllele Cybergenetics analyzed the DNA data. The computer's match statistic of (roughly) a trillion connected the gun to Thomas.
Cybergenetics    On March 2, 2016, Dr. Mark Perlin testified at the Syracuse trial about the TrueAllele handgun evidence.
Outcome Thomas was convicted of criminal weapon possession and menacing a police officer. He was sentenced to 15 1/2 to 18 1/2 years in prison.

  • Syracuse gunman faces 15 yrs in prison for firing into darkness while fleeing police
  • Prosecutor blasts 'sob story' as city man gets 15 yrs+ for firing toward cops