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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v Joseph Sentore Coleman, Jr.

TrueAllele connects killer to clothing disguises

Crime On August 30, 2016, Christopher Wilkins was shot and killed in his bedroom during a robbery.
Evidence A cut-off sweatshirt sleeve and baseball hat used as disguises were collected as physical evidence.
DNA The Pennsylvania State Police crime lab developed DNA mixture data from the evidence items.
Match The lab couldn’t interpret the mixtures because of stochastic effects in the amplified DNA.
TrueAllele The computer connected the sweatshirt to Joseph Coleman with a match statistic of 468 octillion (29 zeros). The computer connected him with the hat at a match level of 4.3 septillion (24 zeros).
Cybergenetics    On February 12, 2020, DNA analyst Jennifer Bracamontes testified before a Lycoming County jury about the TrueAllele results.
Outcome The next day, Mr. Coleman was found guilty of first- and second-degree murder, robbery, and weapons charges. He received a third life sentence.

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