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People of California v Manuel Lopez

TrueAllele’s more complete analysis reveals different DNA story

Crime On January 16, 2016, toddler Apollo Torres (two years old) was found dead in his bed. Strangulation and sexual assault was suspected.
Evidence Blankets, clothing, fingernails, hairs, body swabs, and other items were collected at the victim’s home.
DNA The Santa Clara County crime laboratory developed DNA data. There were many mixtures. In total, they analyzed 97 evidence items.
Match The lab reported obvious DNA connections, but missed subtler findings. Based on their limited results, suspicion fell on the mother’s boyfriend Manuel Lopez. He faced the death penalty.
TrueAllele The computer found the very many DNA matches that the lab had missed. It discovered DNA from five unknown people. The computer showed whose DNA was (or wasn’t) on fifty different evidence items. TrueAllele’s complete DNA picture told an entirely different story than the lab’s misleading results.
Cybergenetics    In June 2020, DNA analyst Jennifer Bracamontes testified virtually before a Santa Clara County jury about the TrueAllele findings. Chief Scientist Dr. Mark Perlin testified about other DNA issues.
Outcome On June 19, after 5 days of deliberation, the jury acquitted Mr. Lopez of all charges. He was released from prison.

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