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State of Indiana v Malcolm Wade

TrueAllele helps interpret DNA mixture of related individuals

Crime On November 5, 2014, Quinton Redding (19) filed rape charges against his great uncle, Malcolm Wade.
Evidence Several DNA swabs were taken from both the victim and his accused rapist. The victim’s underwear was also taken as evidence.
DNA The Monroe County crime lab developed DNA data that consisted of several individuals.
Match The lab was unable to interpret the DNA data because the DNA contained a mixture of contributors.
TrueAllele TrueAllele was able to interpret the same DNA data to find that Malcolm Wade matched the evidence taken from the victim with match statistics of 1.19 quadrillion, 33.9 thousand, 4.07 thousand, and 102 thousand.
Cybergenetics    On August 3, 2016, Dr. Mark Perlin testified about the computer’s results in a Monroe County courthouse.
Outcome On August 5, 2016, Malcolm Wade was found not guilty of all crimes.