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TrueAllele admitted into evidence after tenth admissibility challenge

Bloomington, IN

The Honorable Marc Kellams admitted TrueAllele® science into evidence after a Daubert hearing in Monroe County. This reliability decision was the tenth time that TrueAllele technology has overcome an admissibility challenge in a U.S. court.

Cybergenetics reported on 12 statistical matches found between 5 evidence items and 3 people in State of Indiana v. Malcolm Wade. The DNA evidence items had up to 4 contributors. TrueAllele separated these mixtures into their genotypes, producing matches to 3 different people from a single item.

Sex Crimes Unit Deputy Darcie Fawcett prosecuted the case. Isabella Bravo represented the defendant. Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin testified about TrueAllele results and reliability, referring to over 30 validation studies. Independent Forensics Dr. Karl Reich was the defense expert.

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