TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

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People of California v Billy Ray Johnson

Eastside Bakersfield serial rapist gets life plus 423 years

Crime In the summer of 2013, three women were sexually assaulted by a masked assailant in the East Side of Bakersfield, CA.
Evidence Biological evidence was collected from three crime scenes. These items included a phone, clothing, a bathtub handle, and zip tie believed to have been used to bind a victim.
DNA The Kern Regional Crime Laboratory (KRCL) developed DNA data from 37 evidence items.
Match Due to the complexity of these low-level 3 and 4 person mixtures, human review of the data was largely inconclusive.
TrueAllele The computer yielded match statistics from 33 mixture items. 8 of these items linked Johnson to the 3 crimes. Cybergenetics and the KRCL independently obtained concordant TrueAllele match statistics.
Cybergenetics    Dr. Mark Perlin testified about the computer's DNA match statistics, giving evidence at a grand jury hearing in December, 2013, and again at Johnson's trial in March, 2015.
Outcome Mr. Johnson was found guilty on 24 charges and was sentenced to life without parole, plus 423 years to life.