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State of Louisiana v Chattley Chesterfield and Samuel Nicolas

TrueAllele resolves pistol DNA mixture in Louisiana rapper case

Crime On June 30, 2012, Jordan Key (18) was shot to death while sitting in a car at a red light.
Evidence A pistol was recovered from a vehicle that was abandoned by the suspects.
DNA The Louisiana State Police Crime lab developed DNA data from the pistol.
Match Due to the complexity of the data, no conclusions could be made regarding the suspects.
TrueAllele On the same DNA data, the computer’s statistic connecting the pistol with Chattley Chesterfield was 108 thousand. The computer’s match statistic connecting Samuel Nicolas with the pistol was 3.21 thousand.
Cybergenetics    TrueAllele was admitted into evidence after a Daubert hearing on November 6, 2014. Dr. Mark Perlin testified the following November at the 2015 Baton Rouge trial.
Outcome On Friday, November 20, 2015, Chattley Chesterfield was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Samuel Nicolas was acquitted.

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