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Commonwealth of Virginia v Keith Sampson

DNA mixture evidence puts armed robber behind bars

Crime On January 21, 2011 an armed man robbed a Family Dollar in the Chesapeake, Virginia area.
Evidence While fleeing the scene, the robber left behind a gray jacket, which was taken as evidence.
DNA The Virginia Department of Forensic Science developed DNA mixture data from the jacket.
Match Due to the complexity of the three-person mixture, the lab's manual analysis could not produce a match statistic.
TrueAllele On the same DNA data, the computer found that Keith Sampson matched the jacket with a match statistic of 414 billion.
Cybergenetics    On February 28, 2012, Dr. Mark Perlin testified at the City of Chesapeake trial about the computer’s DNA match statistic.
Outcome On March 1, 2012, the jury found Mr. Sampson guilty of all charges. He was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

  • Cybergenetics TrueAllele DNA mixture analysis helps convict Virginia man of armed robbery Cybergenetics Newsroom