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Smart Business magazine on Cybergenetics courtroom communication

Pittsburgh, PA

How do experts learn to communicate science in the courtroom? Why is this a critical capability for a scientific services company? Reporter Jayne Gest writes about forensic DNA testifying at Cybergenetics in her Smart Business July article, “Mark Perlin teaches his employees how to communicate science in the courtroom.”

“Our ability to communicate the science became something that was valued by lawyers and courts, and opened up a whole new business,” said Dr. Mark Perlin, Cybergenetics co-founder. Successful communication was critical to company growth.

There’s a learning curve to communicating complex science. “The hardest thing for scientists or technical people is to lose the jargon,” Perlin says. “How do you communicate as if you’re at a Thanksgiving meal and you’re talking to your Aunt Tilly?”

Most often Cybergenetics advanced computing helps secure justice for victims of crime. That is the nature of DNA evidence. But the company’s TrueAllele® technology also helps clear the truly innocent.

“It doesn’t mean everybody in jail is innocent – far from it,” Perlin explains. “It just means that there are some innocent people in jail whom DNA has not helped, but our technology can help them.”

On the side, Gest reveals little known facts about Cybergenetics chief scientist. What invention does he think will change the world?

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