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KGET news televises report on gang sentencing and TrueAllele DNA mixture results

Bakersfield, CA

Two gang members were convicted of robbing eight businesses and brutalizing employees. Judge Kenneth Twisselman sentenced Charles Lawton to 73 years in prison, and Dupree Langston to 78 years. They were convicted of robbing eight businesses in a five-week crime spree through Bakersfield, Delano and Visalia. Victims were brutalized, with some female workers forced to disrobe at gunpoint.

The Kern County District Attorney's Office said a new DNA analysis technique helped identify and convict Lawton and Langston. Cybergenetics TrueAllele® Casework technology was used to analyze the touch DNA evidence, a mixture of three people. Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin testified at the trial about the low level mixture and high match statistics.

"By one touch, Mr. Langston put his hand down to go over the counter at the Delano store," said Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer. "The Delano Police Department was able to swab that and find low level DNA, and that was matched to Dupree Langston. It's the first time that method has ever been done in California," said prosecutor Zimmer.

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