Cybergenetics awarded another US patent for error rate determination.

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Cybergenetics providing criminal justice services for DNA evidence during COVID-19 pandemic

Pittsburgh, PA

Computers can continue to interpret complex DNA evidence, even when human activities are disrupted. Cybergenetics is open during the coronavirus shutdown – receiving DNA data, inferring genotypes, reporting match statistics, and preparing for court.

    TrueAllele® probabilistic genotyping –
  • Automation inputs all the DNA data, without applying human thresholds.
  • Thoroughness ensures consideration of all genotype possibilities.
  • Accuracy delivers the correct likelihood ratio, based on the evidence.
  • Objectivity eliminates human decisions that can affect the match result.
  • Neutrality can statistically include or exclude suspects, depending only on the data.
  • Error assessment enables reporting of all DNA information, without arbitrary cutoffs.
  • Databases connect crime scene to crime scene to solve unsolved crimes.

      Prosecutors and defenders alike rely on TrueAllele technology for a closer look at DNA mixtures, and low-level or degraded evidence. Police investigators and innocence groups depend on TrueAllele for greater DNA scrutiny that can implicate or exonerate.

      Crime laboratories use TrueAllele in-house and send cases to Cybergenetics when they need more identification information. TrueAllele routinely transcends the artificial limits of human-restricted DNA interpretation.

      While other activities have been suspended, now is a good time to get a second opinion that can answer your DNA questions. Know the answer™. Send your DNA data to Cybergenetics today for better justice through science®.

      We hope that you, and everyone you care about, stays safe and well during these trying times.

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