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Cybergenetics TrueAllele computer contradicts innocence claim of New Orleans rape convict who was nearly set free

New Orleans, LA

Booker Diggins was convicted of a 1987 New Orleans rape, and sentenced to life in prison. A blood test (not DNA) unearthed in 2010 suggested "bulletproof scientific evidence that he is not the guy," said defense attorney Barry Scheck, director of the Innocence Project. Mr. Diggins was to be released from prison in May of this year.

However, a rape kit (thought to have been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina) was recently found. Pittsburgh-based Cybergenetics analyzed the DNA data using their TrueAllele® computer. The results established that the DNA rape evidence matched Booker Diggins. An independent DNA report issued by the defense experts later confirmed Cybergenetics findings. Mr. Diggins remains in prison, and is no longer represented by the Innocence Project.

The Times-Picayune, New Orleans

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