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Pittsburgh-based TechVibe Radio interviews Cybergenetics President Ria David

Pittsburgh, PA

On September 2, TechVibe Radio interviewed Dr. Ria David and Babs Carryer on the Women In Bio P.O.W.E.R. event. The annual Pittsburgh's Outstanding Women Entrepreneurs Rally (P.O.W.E.R.) showcased how women use technology to prevent and prosecute sexual violence. Babs Carryer, sponsorship vice chair for Women In Bio, said the event’s theme was inspired by a conversation with Dr. David about an "initiative in Harrisburg to stop the backlog…in all the assault and sexual assault and rape cases."

Dr. David told the story. Cybergenetics traveled to Harrisburg, PA to alert legislators and advocacy groups that getting rape kits processed was not enough. Effective interpretation was also needed. She explained, "When the labs use their current interpretation approaches—when they’re trying to get DNA identification information from this DNA [data] that’s already been paid for—their current approaches are very limited." Legislation should require crime labs to extract maximum information from the DNA data. That's where Cybergenetics TrueAllele technology comes in, interpreting all the data and providing objective information for effective prosecution.

Dr. David also told interviewers about the origins of Cybergenetics. To hear the full podcast, select the link below.


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