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Pittsburgh newspaper publishes series on Cybergenetics technology

Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper published three articles about Oakland-based Cybergenetics. Reporter Paula Reed Ward wrote about the TrueAllele® technology for interpreting complex DNA evidence.

The first article (Sunday, August 28) described how the crime-fighting TrueAllele technology is used in criminal justice. The second (Sunday, August 28) examined how such computer technology improves on human analysis. The third (Monday, August 29) discussed computer source code. A letter to the editor (Sunday, September 4) said why source code disclosure does not benefit the public.

The articles included a short video of Dr. Mark Perlin explaining how TrueAllele works.

Cybergenetics wrote a letter to the Allegheny County crime laboratory, responding to inaccurate statements they made to the newspaper.


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