TrueAllele helps resolve Texas double murder DNA case

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TrueAllele admitted in ninth state after challenge in Indiana drug case

Evansville, IN

Dugniqio Dishay Forest was convicted in Vanderburgh Superior Court on charges related to the possession of crack cocaine inside the county jail. The conviction followed a TrueAllele® admissibility hearing and testimony by Dr. Mark Perlin of Cybergenetics that day about a five person DNA mixture found on a baggie in a cracker box.

Lead Detective James Budde explained, "Due to complicated circumstances surrounding the State's burden of proof in this matter, the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's Office enlisted the expertise of Dr. Mark Perlin to conduct DNA analysis of the baggie that contained the crack cocaine." The Honorable Judge D’Amour ruled the TrueAllele results as admissible at Mr. Forest’s trial.

Dr. Perlin gave expert testimony that there was no evidence of Forest’s cell mates’ DNA on the baggie of cocaine, but that there was a match for Mr. Forest. This evidence was crucial in securing a conviction of Mr. Forest, according to the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office. The lead prosecutor was Deputy Prosecutor Javier Lugo, who was assisted by Deputy Prosecutor Justin Brandt.

Coming after a successful Daubert hearing last week in Massachusetts, TrueAllele has now been admitted after admissibility challenge in nine states in the U.S. The system has also been admitted after challenge in Australia and the United Kingdom.


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