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Cybergenetics alerts NIST to possible commercial conflict

Pittsburgh, PA

After conversations with Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary Bruce Andrews in 2015, Cybergenetics sent him a letter regarding a possible commercial conflict at NIST in the area of forensic DNA technology.

The letter cites NIST's mission to "promote U.S. innovation and industrial competitiveness ... in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life." It recounts how forensic science has long failed to properly interpret DNA mixture evidence. The letter outlines Cybergenetics pioneering role in overcoming this failure through its innovative TrueAllele® technology.

Cybergenetics expresses concern that a foreign company has been embedded at NIST since October of 2014. As a guest researcher with close ties with NIST scientists, the foreign worker is positioned to influence government regulations affecting his company's commercial software products.

Cybergenetics writes, "If NIST is to continue playing a role in forming national forensic policy, it must be viewed as a fair broker." The letter invites a dialog to resolve the potential conflict of interest.


  • Cybergenetics letter to NIST - Letter
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