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Pennsylvania appellate court denies source code petition for review

Pittsburgh, PA

In February, Court of Common Pleas Judge Jill Rangos denied the defendant's discovery request for TrueAllele® source code in Commonwealth v. Michael Robinson. In March, Robinson filed a Petition for Review, and the Commonwealth filed a Brief in response. Today, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania Western District issued an Order denying the defendant’s Petition for Review.

"Scientists test executable software programs on real data; they do not read source code text," says Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin. "TrueAllele's reliability has been established through thirty validation studies, seven of them published after independent peer-review." Forensic scientists do not use source code in validating their laboratory systems – they test them on data.



  • Petition for review, filed by Defendant
  • Brief in response to petition, filed by District Attorney
  • Order denying petition, filed by Superior Court
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