Pennsylvania prosecutors use TrueAllele in homicide guilty plea

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WPXI television reports Cybergenetics science solves DNA crime

Pittsburgh, PA

WPXI television Target 11 investigator Rick Earle reported on Cybergenetics, the innovative Pittsburgh-based firm that solves DNA crime using artificial intelligence.

Earle told how ten years ago, Cybergenetics re-analyzed DNA from murdered Blairsville dentist John Yelenic's fingernails. Using their patented TrueAllele® computers, the computational biology company found an unknown 7% component.

TrueAllele then linked this small DNA component to State Trooper Kevin Foley, at a match-strength of 189 billion. The FBI had analyzed the same mixed DNA fingernail data, but their manual interpretation only gave a 13 thousand score.

Cybergenetics chief scientist Dr. Mark Perlin testified at the 2009 murder trial. It was the first time, anywhere in the world, that such sophisticated "probabilistic genotyping" DNA mixture analysis was used in court. Trooper Foley was convicted, and sentenced to life in prison.

"Perlin's technology [was] also used to help convict Allen Wade in the 2014 double murder of his East Liberty neighbors," reported Earle. "In the Michael Rosfeld trial this year, Perlin analyzed the DNA on guns in the car Antwon Rose was in."

TrueAllele is heavily used by prosecutors, but also by defenders. It can free the wrongfully convicted. Cybergenetics helped exonerate Darryl Pinkins (24 years in prison) and Roosevelt Glenn (17 years in prison) of crimes they did not commit.

As for the future, Perlin says he'd like to take a closer look at old crimes.

Perlin said, "We know the impact DNA can have on resolving crimes, on helping the innocent, but also on protecting the public from crimes that haven't happened yet."


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