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Crime lab scientist talks about TrueAllele automation for DNA evidence

Pittsburgh, PA

Bottlenecks in forensic DNA testing lead to backlogs and lost information. Thanks to TrueAllele® computer automation, crime labs can better overcome bottlenecks and preserve identification information for criminal justice.

John Donahue is the DNA technical leader of Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina. Donahue reprised his February American Academy of Forensic Sciences talk in Cybergenetics webinar series. The DNA leader spoke about “Using computer technology to overcome bottlenecks in the forensic DNA testing process and improve data recovery from complex samples.”

Donahue shows why DNA interpretation is automatable, and how to eliminate interpretation bottlenecks. Crucially, better TrueAllele information leads to better CODIS DNA database searching. Improved quality control helps recover more information from the same DNA evidence.

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