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Australia newspaper features Xie "Stain 91" solved by TrueAllele

Sydney, Australia

In Australia's June 17th Saturday Paper, Sydney-based journalist Mark Saunokonoko wrote about "DNA tests changing criminal trials."

Police found "Stain 91", a small bloodstain, on the floor of Robert Xie's garage. Cybergenetics ran TrueAllele software on the DNA mixture, finding match statistics to "at least four victims beaten to death by Xie." These computer results "would forensically connect Xie to the murders of five of his wife’s family."

"Xie's lawyer tried, and failed, to fight the admissibility of the TrueAllele evidence," wrote Saunokonoko. "In January, Xie was found guilty of five counts of murder."

Mark Tedeschi, QC, a lead crown prosecutor on the Xie case told the paper "that Stain 91 was probably the most complex DNA sample ever introduced to a criminal trial in Australia." He said, "They were very significant statistics, which we were able to use."

The article presents defense, prosecution and forensic science perspectives on how TrueAllele and other DNA mixture programs are being used in Australia. "We don't just work for one side," said Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin. "We work for the truth."


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