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Cybergenetics interviewed on KQV's "The Public Forum" radio show

Pittsburgh, PA

Host: Aaron Grau (Cohen & Grigsby Federal Government Affairs Principal)
Cybergenetics Guests: Dr. Mark Perlin (CEO) and Dr. Ria David (President)

Cybergenetics software resolves otherwise inconclusive forensic DNA data. Their TrueAllele® technology gives prosecutors and defenders a clearer picture of crime scene evidence when people’s DNA is mixed together. But crime labs are slow to adopt highly effective technology that delivers better justice. Why?

In this radio interview, host Aaron Grau talks with Drs. Perlin and David about how solves Pittsburgh murder and rape crimes, overcoming the national DNA mixture crisis. They discuss entrenched government interests that favor stasis over science, and tell how lobbying helps with unresponsive bureaucracy.

Simple messages say it best:

  1. Better science for better justice.
  2. DNA protects the public from crime.
  3. More can be done with what we already have.
Legislators want to help, but need to hear truth from people outside of government.

  • C&G's "The Public Forum" on KQV 1410 – September 21, 2015 - Podcast

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