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Robert Xie gets five consecutive life sentences

Sydney, Australia

In 2009, Robert Xie killed his brother-in-law Min Lin, Min's wife Lily, their two sons Henry (12) and Terry (9), and Lily's sister Irene. Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin testified, twice giving evidence in Sydney's historic Supreme Courthouse. TrueAllele computing separated a DNA mixture containing four relatives, connecting Xie to the quintuple homicide. A jury convicted Xie of all five murders.

On February 13, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton sentenced Xie to five life sentences. Justice Fullerton said life sentences were reserved for the most heinous of crimes and this case was "heinous in the extreme." Detective Chief Inspector Chris Olen said, "The five sentences of life handed down in the Supreme Court of NSW represent justice for Min, Lily, Irene, Henry and Terry Lin."


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