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Speaking truth to power in Washington

On November 18th, the White House summoned Dr. Mark Perlin to a closed meeting in Washington, DC. Government scientists from PCAST and NIST wanted his endorsement of their proposed fourteen million dollar federal project.

Dr. Perlin gave a ten-minute talk about "Transparency in DNA evidence," advocating empirical testing of DNA mixture interpretation methods. TrueAllele has been extensively tested (34 validation studies, including 7 peer-reviewed papers) to establish reliability and error rates. The proven science aids criminal justice.

Dr. Perlin did not endorse the massive government boondoggle project. He found NIST's proposed study wasteful and unnecessary. He argued for ongoing research by legitimate scientists, and against centralized power and entrenched interests.

Talk & Text

  • Dr. Perlin's PCAST talk was rerecorded, and delivered to IPAC on Dec 6
  • The entire text of his PCAST talk is posted on Cybergenetics website

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