Pennsylvania prosecutors use TrueAllele in homicide guilty plea

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Man sentenced to 75-150 years for rape

Pittsburgh, PA

A match between the evidence and Ralph Skundrich was 4 quadrillion times more probable than coincidence, testified Cybergenetics scientist Dr. Mark Perlin in January about TrueAllele® computer results. The crime lab’s inclusion statistic was 630 thousand on the same DNA mixture evidence.

TrueAllele is extensively validated DNA interpretation science that accurately preserves biological evidence information in sexual assault and homicide cases. Crime labs produce excellent DNA data, but often cannot fully interpret mixtures.

Prosecutors, police, defenders and leading crime labs routinely use Cybergenetics TrueAllele computer technology to report on DNA data that is beyond human analysis. Public safety demands the full use of DNA evidence, so that rapists and murderers can be accurately identified, apprehended and convicted, while the innocent are exonerated.

Preserving a billion times more DNA match information can make a difference in criminal justice. The story of Ralph Skundrich's crime and punishment was reported today by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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