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Cybergenetics Chief Scientist featured in "People to know around Pittsburgh in the New Year"

Pittsburgh, PA

Mark Perlin is someone the courts and law enforcement already know based on his computer method of analyzing DNA, especially to sort out identities in mixed DNA samples. With a medical degree and doctoral degrees in math and computer science, Dr. Perlin founded Cybergenetics in Oakland. His TrueAllele math-based methodology, now used worldwide, has helped convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent in cases human analysis couldn't solve. On average, it provides a million times more information than human analysis and was used to help identify victims of the World Trade Center disaster. To date, Dr. Perlin and Cybergenetics have analyzed DNA in more than 100 criminal cases worldwide, with Dr. Perlin testifying in 20, including a growing number of local cases. He is not only changing the face of criminal investigations but also writing his own rock music, often with lyrics about DNA analysis.

  • People to know around Pittsburgh in the New Year - Newspaper
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