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TrueAllele accepted as reliable evidence after Louisiana challenge

Gretna, LA

On May 19th, Cybergenetics TrueAllele technology was admitted into evidence in Jefferson Parish following a Daubert hearing. Dr. Mark Perlin testified for two hours by video-link about the system's reliability. Immediately afterwards, the judge ruled in favor of the technology. This was the twelfth American admissibility ruling (of twelve) where a court has accepted TrueAllele as reliable scientific evidence.

The favorable ruling in State of Louisiana v. Harold Houston allows a jury to hear TrueAllele testimony about mixed DNA on a handgun.

Assistant District Attorney Douglas Rushton introduced a dozen binders of scientific papers, judicial rulings, method disclosures, and other supporting documents. In criminal cases, Cybergenetics provides a discovery DVD that contains these materials, along with TrueAllele software that can be tested by the opposing party. ADA Rushton met with Dr. Perlin for four hours to prepare for the hearing.

TrueAllele is a fully Bayesian computer system for unmixing DNA mixture data, and calculating accurate match statistics. Unlike other methods, TrueAllele uses all the DNA evidence data. The automated TrueAllele workflow prevents human analysts from making data decisions that can bias the outcome.


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