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Cybergenetics scientists present three talks at MAAFS conference

Pittsburgh, PA

Three Cybergenetics scientists each gave a half hour talk at the Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists (MAAFS) meeting. William Allan spoke about how the automated TrueAllele® workflow helps DNA analysts and crime laboratory efficiency. Dr. David Bauer discussed his recent TrueAllele validation study on ten-person DNA mixtures. Jennifer Hornyak described how TrueAllele provides exclusionary, as well as inclusionary, DNA match statistics. Talk slides and handouts are available at the website.


  • Machines can work it out: automated TrueAllele┬« workflow - Cybergenetics
  • Validating TrueAllele┬« genotyping on ten contributor DNA mixtures - Cybergenetics
  • To include or not to include: the extent is the question - Cybergenetics
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