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Cybergenetics CLE lecture for Indiana prosecutors

Indianapolis, IN

On December 6, Dr. Mark Perlin gave a general lecture at the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC) Winter Conference on TrueAllele® statistical analysis and probabilistic genotyping. His first part described historical issues with interpreting DNA mixtures, and how to overcome them with better science.

Dr. Perlin's second IPAC part reviewed the June Daubert hearing held in State of Indiana v. Dugniqio Forest. The drug possession case involved a four-person DNA mixture. At the hearing, Dr. Perlin discussed TrueAllele reliability for admissibility. He described to the judge (and later to the jury) how the computer system analyzes DNA evidence.

The third part told how TrueAllele computing resolved DNA mixtures, and helped free an innocent man. Darryl Pinkins was convicted of a rape he did not commit, and served twenty-four years in an Indiana prison. Exculpatory DNA evidence was available fifteen years ago, but could not be interpreted by older methods.

In the fourth part, Dr. Perlin spoke about "Transparency in DNA evidence," advocating empirical testing of DNA mixture interpretation methods. TrueAllele has been extensively tested (34 validation studies, including 7 peer-reviewed papers) to establish reliability and error rates. The proven science aids criminal justice. This final part was a re-recording of his address to PCAST in Washington, D.C.


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