TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

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Cybergenetics remembers the World Trade Center victims

The World Trade Center (WTC) terrorist attack le in its wake over 27 hundred missing people and over 18 thousand charred biological specimens. Identifying and returning victim remains would bring comfort to loved ones, but the degraded DNA evidence was challenging.

Cybergenetics used TrueAllele® Casework to reanalyze WTC DNA data from victim remains, personal eects, and family members. TrueAllele Database automated DNAmatching of the reanalyzed data associated victim remains with missing people.

Two years ago, we explained our approach at a Duquesne University 9/11 symposium. The talk was on “How TrueAllele® computing automates DNA analysis and databasing for mass disasters.” You can watch the 45-minute YouTube presentation online.

This month we again remember the victims who lost their lives in the World Trade Center terrorist attack. Cybergenetics is dedicated to solving forensic cases, no matter how degraded or “uninterpretable” the DNA evidence.

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