TrueAllele helps resolve Texas double murder DNA case

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Cybergenetics TrueAllele forensic DNA mixture interpretation validation study on adjudicated cases published in Journal of Forensic Sciences

Pittsburgh, PA

Scientific methods used in court should be reliable, as established through validation studies. This study measured the identification information inferred from a set of sixteen DNA mixture items from adjudicated cases. The validation compared Cybergenetics TrueAllele® probabilistic genotype computer interpretation with simpler human review approximations. The results demonstrated the reproducibility of TrueAllele match statistics. The computer methods were a million times more informative than human methods in reporting DNA match statistics on the same data.

  • Perlin MW, Legler MM, Spencer CE, Smith JL, Allan WP, Belrose JL, Duceman BW. Validating TrueAllele® DNA mixture interpretation. Journal of Forensic Sciences. 2011;56(6):1430-47. - Article - Manuscript
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