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Neohuman podcast interviews Cybergenetics Mark Perlin

Toronto, ON

Cybergenetics Dr. Mark Perlin was interviewed by Agah Bahari and Mandi Gray for their 29th episode of Neohuman, a Toronto-based podcast.

The broad ranging forty-minute conversation discussed genetics, ethics, and technology. The interview touched on genetic tracking and privacy, using technology in court, machine learning, human genome editing, DNA exoneration, moral objectivity, and diversity as a strategy for human survival.

Regarding the rising use of artificial intelligence, Dr. Perlin said, "I would have a concern about the misuse of artificial intelligence. I don’t have a concern about cars. I have a concern about people running people over with cars. It's a tool. Some people abuse tools."

The interview discussed advances in DNA interpretation. Cybergenetics TrueAllele® technology uses machine learning to mine more information from crime scene data. TrueAllele helps with criminal convictions, innocence exonerations, and mass disasters like the World Trade Center.

As the podcast concluded, Bahari and Gray asked what was humanity's greatest achievement. Dr. Perlin replied, "How society can help people become more, do more, and contribute more – to help humans become more human."


  • Podcast Episode 29: Mark Perlin – Neohuman
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