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Forensic Magazine article on CPI as 'Random Number Generator' study

Amherst, NH

Forensic Magazine published an article on "DNA Mixture Calculation Method Just 'Random Number Generator,' Says New Study."

Digital reporter Seth Augenstein writes that the Combined Probability of Inclusion (CPI) method used at crime labs nationwide for 15 years is not accurate, according to a new study published by Cybergenetics, a company with a big-computing solution to more accurately analyze mixture data.

"CPI is a random number generator," Cybergenetics founder Dr. Mark Perlin told Forensic Magazine in a phone interview. "There have been convictions based on the flawed CPI model. The question is how many, not whether there are any."

Cybergenetics TrueAllele® software uses all the data to explore all possibilities, and then include or exclude suspects. Multiple peer-reviewed validation studies have borne out the computer's efficacy. TrueAllele has been employed in about 500 cases, mostly by agencies in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

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