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Reliable Cybergenetics TrueAllele computer DNA mixture method used to prove new forensic DNA laboratory concept

Seattle, WA

A mature, reliable and generally accepted scientific methodology can be a powerful tool for assessing data in the laboratory. When University of Central Florida Chemistry professor Jack Ballantyne developed "binomial" sampling, a laser-capture microscopy approach that randomly separates DNA mixtures, he needed a way to interpret the data, measure mixture weights and determine identification information. Collaborating with Cybergenetics Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Mark Perlin, they used Cybergenetics validated and well-established TrueAllele® Casework system as a tool to make these crucial measurements on the laboratory data. The TrueAllele computer verified that Dr. Ballantyne's novel concept worked, and quantified how joint probability can combine DNA evidence for more informative low-level DNA mixture interpretation.

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