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Mining the mixture - a DNA analyst explains

M.W. Perlin, "Mining the mixture - a DNA analyst explains", Judicial Summer Seminars, New York State Judicial Institute, Rye Brook, NY, June, 2019.


PowerPoint presentation of Dr. Perlin's talks.

Part 1 (Science) introduces DNA mixtures – how they arise, and historical problems. The talk shows how to solve DNA mixtures, use them in criminal cases, and apply statistical software.

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Part 2 (Law) demonstrates how DNA mixture evidence is used in New York, and presented in court. The talk describes trial testimony, admissibility hearings, and software reliability.

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More and more, crime laboratories are tasked with analyzing DNA samples involving two or more donors. To aid in the analysis of these hard-to-interpret samples, forensic scientists are using specialized software that evaluates samples in a way that would otherwise be prohibitively labor-intensive. But how do the programs work and what can an expert really say about the results? Using the expertise of scientists involved in the development of these programs, this session will enable judges to examine the reliability of DNA mixture evidence and testimony.

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