TrueAllele solves uninterpretable DNA in mother and daughter double homicide

The Queen v Colin Duffy and Brian Shivers (Northern Ireland)

Massereene barracks terrorist attack

Crime On March 7, 2009, two British soldiers were killed by two gunmen outside Massereene Barracks in Northern Ireland.
Evidence An abandoned car was recovered, which allegedly was used as the gunmans' getaway car.
DNA Touch DNA data was recovered from the passenger side belt buckle, a cell phone in the center console and a matchstick outside the car.
Match The lab's manual analysis of the belt buckle's DNA data found a mixture of at least two people, in which one of the DNA profiles was consistent with the DNA of Colin Duffy.
TrueAllele On the same data, the computer's statistic connecting the belt buckle and Colin Duffy was 5.91 trillion. The computer's match statistic connecting Brian Shivers to the cell phone and matchstick was 6.01 billion and 1.1 million, respectively.
Cybergenetics    On November 16, 2011 Dr. Mark Perlin testified at an admissibility hearing and trial in Northern Ireland about the computer's match statistic.
Outcome Mr. Shivers was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, but Mr. Duffy was acquitted of the two murders. Brian Shivers conviction was later overturned on appeal.