Pennsylvania prosecutors use TrueAllele in homicide guilty plea

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Sitting on the fence: “Inconclusive” is not a dead end

B. Pujols, "Sitting on the fence: 'Inconclusive' is not a dead end", Mid-Atlantic Cold Case Homicide Investigator's Association Conference, Annapolis, MD, 15-Aug-2017.


PowerPoint presentation of Ms. Pujols' talk.

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Detectives often receive DNA lab reports with "inconclusive" results. While it may seem like a dead end for an investigation, there are tools to help glean more information from previously uninterpretable evidence.

In this homicide case, investigators had excellent instincts to swab a fence for touch DNA from handprints disturbing the morning dew. The laboratory could not interpret the DNA and deemed it inconclusive. Investigators turned to Cybergenetics to re-interpret this evidence and reveal the true match information. TrueAllele® computer interpretation provided accurate and reliable match statistics that linked the suspects to the crime scene. When asked about the use of TrueAllele in this case, Investigator Marcus Aucoin expressed, "It's going to make a huge difference in law enforcement."